Susan 1

On February 12th Susan McIntyre, Associate Vice-President, Student Services and Kathy Larsen, Registrar discussed two new SIAST policies with instructors at Kelsey Campus. There were a number of items that Susan stressed:  no one evaluation tool should  be worth more than 40% as it does not capture the diversity of learning;  Programs may wish to consider the overall scheduling of assignments and exams so students have time to complete all work and students need to receive their material and feedback within 10 days of when it was handed in.  An important consideration for exam invigilation is whether the invigilator can answer questions or is the instructor available to answer questions.  It is also important that students receive a course outline stipulating the important dates, assignments and rules including attendance.  On-line students might receive this by email with the document made into a pdf.  It was noted that if exceptions were being made that the bar should be whether this exception would be made for another student or not.


Kathy Larsen, Registrar, discussed the 60% minimum pass grade and the grade modes.  She also went through the Sequence of Supplemental Exam Grade Changes and which ones were automatic. Kathy said that it was important that Supplemental Exams be given timely perhaps within 10 school days as they tend to affect a student’s standing whether it was work placements or student loans.  Also discussed was the Grade Point Average (GPA) and how a taking a class a second time would affect the student’s GPA in that term.

It is also important to note that Incomplete Grades will turn to a failure if the student has not completed the work so Programs need to be diligent in following up with students. Instructors should note that while students may access unofficial transcripts through MySIAST they are not charged for transcripts after graduation.

You may listen to the podcast here.