Communications 1                    Tracy Wilson facilitates a Communication Activity using the Star Quilt template

On October 23rd, Deanna Speidel, Tracy Wilson and Margaret Campbell spoke about Communication and how it is used in the classroom.  Deanna Speidel, Aboriginal Services Instructor went over the seven Cs of Communication with the other facilitators providing examples of the types of communication: clear, concise, concrete, correct, coherent, complete and courteous.

Communications 2                                   Instructors are discussing different types of communication

The four communication styles were also discussed: passive, aggressive, passive aggressive and assertive.  Tracy explained that many cultures, including indigenous come from a passive communication style.   Which means that as instructors we need to be aware that students may not have the skills yet to ask for what they need.  Tracy also explained that it is very rare that a person comes a family with assertive communication which is where we all want to be.  In assertive communication a person is clear when stating their feelings, needs and opinions. In fact this type of communication is taught.

Communications 3                                                   Tracy and Deanna in front of the Star Quilt Communication Activity

You can listen to the podcast here.