Beyond Coverage

On January 23 faculty at Kelsey were able to participate in the webinar, “Beyond Coverage: Backward Design for Disciplinary Thinking” which was offered by Magna Publication facilitated by  Joel Sipress, Ph.D, University of Wisconsin-Superior and David Voelker, Associate Professor, University of Wisconsin-Green Bay.

The Seminar went through what is Backward Design and also gave useful examples of how to get started in this process.  The process is useful for instructors who are developing or revising a course.  It also highlighted the importance of thinking about ways of thinking and what type of disciplinary thinking is necessary in your area.

The one nugget that I thought was worth considering is how much is subject coverage worth or is in-depth knowledge more important: Are you into coverage of material?

If you would like to view the recording of this webinar, please contact the ILDC Facilitator at your campus.

Pat Tymchatyn, Kelsey; Deb Mervold, Woodland; Ron Smallwood, Palliser and Karen Wrightman, Wascana