Pardoe Copyright>On January 16, 2013 Nancy Pardoe, SIAST Copyright Consultant, spoke to faculty and staff regarding the implementation of the Copyright guidelines.  The two sets of guidelines that instructors and staff might acquaint themselves with are Copyright Guidelines and SIAST Fair Dealing Guidelines.  These two sets of guidelines when used properly are to enable faculty to make decisions about what is the appropriate use of material.

Nancy gave many examples of how to use the guidelines emphasizing that the safest and easiest way of using the fair dealings section was a straight reproduction of 10% or less of a textbook.  Examples using diagrams or webpages and videos were more complex regarding what would be considered under fair dealings.

Nancy Pardoe’s Copyright Compliance podcast.

Nancy’s handouts regarding Copyright Compliance

The example that Nancy used in her presentation came from the Hole’s Textbook of Anatomy.  Nancy pointed out that there were 586 pages in the textbook.  She also had us note the difference between a photo listed in the photo credits (scroll down to view the page) which the publisher likely paid the owner for and a regular photo that the publisher owned. Notice that Nancy acknowledge the use of the textbook and the Fair Dealing statement on the first page of the handout.

In the following page Nancy went through different ways that the instructor might want to use the material from the textbook.

For more information contact Nancy Pardoe at SIAST Woodland Campus or the Copyright Office website