On November 7, 2012 interested faculty were able to attend a Webinar produced by Magna Publications designed specifically for On-Line Instructors. Instructors learned that there are a number of dimensions that they need to take into account when teaching online: Delivery, Design, Instructional, Personal and Social. The Delivery and Design dimensions need to take into account, instructional, personal and social.

The webinar presenters also took a quick look into tools that instructors might use in order to tap into the above dimensions. The categories of software that was looked at were: Community and Collaboration 2) Communication & Feedback and 3) Content & Curation.

Instructors interested in viewing the recorded webinar need to contact their SIAST ILDC Facilitator: Kelsey – Pat Tymchatyn; Woodland – Deb Mervold; Palliser – Ron Smallwood and Wascana – Karen Wightman