Laurie Jarvis, Instructional Designer, with Learning Technologies led an interesting session on how to create avatars, October 25, 2012.  Many of those present at the sessions had no real idea what an avatar was and how to use it in an instructional environment.  By the end of the session, everyone had created an Avatar and some people had some ideas of how they were going to use them.  The VOKI free software was used to create our Avatars.  Please note that some of the individuals on the site (have graduation hats on) are only for subscribers.

Laurie provided a very thorough powerpoint that will lead you through the process of creating an avatar.  If you are looking for ideas as to how to use an avatar in your teaching check out the lesson plans on the site.

Check out Blue who would be happy to see you.

Here are all the instructions you need to get started.