Nancy Pardoe, SIAST Copyright Consultant for Kelsey/Woodland spoke to faculty and staff regarding copyright and how individuals need to approach use of 3rd Party Materials.  The Copyright Office website is accessed through the SIAST Library Page or through MySiast Faculty Page.  Nancy recommended that faculty and staff need to be familiar with the Copying Guidelines that are located through MySIAST, Faculty Page, Academic Resources,POP Manual, section 10.2 and the Fair Dealing Guidelines that are in section 10.3.

Nancy stressed to check the terms of use for material on the Internet before copying and reusing material (usually links are found at the bottom of the page). If the terms of use are not stated, the material is protected as “all rights reserved” by default.  In other words, unless it says you can use it, you need permission.  The new Act, when it becomes law, will provide more leeway in the use of Internet material.   A question was asked about Creative Commons (CC) licensing and Nancy said that there are four  main conditions: 1) Attribution – the author must be acknowledged 2) Non-commercial – reuse only for non-commercial purposes, unless permission received from the author  3) No Derivatives – share the material in its entirety (no short excerpts) and 4) Share alike – you must share the new work under the same license.  It is likely that SIAST would not use the Share alike license for course manuals sold through the bookstore.

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