In August, SIAST Kelsey Instructors were able to view a webinar regarding Designing Effective Rubrics.  Debra Runshe, an Instructional Development Specialist at Indiana University was the webinar Presenter.  To view this webinar, please contact your ILDC Facilitator.

Assigning grades to student essays, presentations, and projects can be a difficult task, especially when it appears that many of the students did not understand the task assigned.  Well-written rubrics help students understand what they are expected to accomplish in an assignment or a course of study.  The webinar introduces how to develop rubrics to assist in making the evaluation and feedback process more effective, more objective and more likely to result in deeper student learning.

Resource:  Introduction to Rubrics: An assessment tool to save grading time, convey effective feedback and promote student learning. Dannelle D. Stevens and Antonia J. Levi, Stylus Publishing, 2005