Garry speaking about Recogniton of Prior Learning

On February 15th, Garry Ayotte spoke about the Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) process to faculty.  He discussed that adults gain skills and knowledge through work and educational experiences.  The RPL process is a way of recognizing this knowledge in a formal way.  He noted that SIAST recognizes prior learning through two process: transfer credit and prior learning assessment and recognition (PLAR).  The transfer credit process is for educational experiences that you have had within the past five years where a course or courses cover 80% of the FCP course material.  It is up to the RPL candidate to find the relevant course outlines and write a letter showing that their prior education covers the FCP Course.  In the PLAR process, the candidate must gather their life experiences and/or teaching materials together to cover the FCP course.

For further information on the RPL process you may contact Garry or access the Recognition of Prior Learning Guide at the ILDC Channel on My SIAST or you can click on this link: RPL Guide .

You can listen to the session podcast here: RPL Podcast