Garry speaking about PPDP

Garry Ayotte, Faculty Development Advisor, FCP, speaking about PPDP

Garry Ayotte, Faculty Development Advisor, discussed the Professional Portfolio on February 15, 2012.  He discussed that a professional portfolio is a record of achievement over time and not simply the highest level of achievement.  Garry noted that individuals are free to  include what they believe represents their professional and personal preferences and experiences.

Garry noted that on page 3 of the PPDP Guide there are four purposes outlined as to what a professional portfolio is about:

– framework for self-assessment and self-evaluation

-framework for collaborative self-assement and self-evaluation

-record and display of professional goals, growth and achievement

– foundation for career-long, self-directed process of professional development.

For more information on what is required in the Portfolio, you can speak to Garry or access the PPDP portfolio at the ILDC Channel on My SIAST. or Click on PPDP booklet to get to the pdf version.

To listen to the podcast of the session click on this link:  PPDP podcast