Wayne Stadnyk presenting Stressed out . . . Students session.

The Stressed out . . . Students session was held on February 9th, 2012 presented by Wayne Stadnyk, Educational Counsellor, Student Development. Wayne discussed that as an instructor you are on the front line and you might notice that something is not quite right with one of your students.  OR you might have a student who gets emotionally upset in your office.  OR you might have a student that is a danger to themselves or to others.  He discussed what you might do to help your student.

During the discussion Earl Golding suggested that people check out the “Pink Bat Solution” from Simple Truths however they need to see the Perception movie first from You Tube. Take the time to see to check it out.

You can listen to the Stressed Out Podcast.

You can view the handout here.


If you wish to check your knowledge about suicide and suicide myths check out this Myths and Facts quiz, which was part of the presentation.

Responses to questions asked on the Evaluation Sheets:

–          How much should I do as an instructor before I have over stepped my scope of practice.  Clearer information on my role as an instructor.

When dealing with any concern a student brings forward it is our responsibility to address the issue(s) and if it is beyond our ability to handle then a referral is the next step. I don’t believe there is any ethical protocols that suggests instructors would be overstepping their “scope of practice”.

–          Other than identifying when to intervene and when we do have concerns that the individual may hurt others before themselves? Are there different traits or indicators?

I am not aware of any specific traits or indicators. A Google search may help.

–          More info on how “some stress can be positive useful and good” and how we can verbalize this to students.

I did make a brief reference to healthy stressors. Stress only becomes destructive when an individual allows the stress to escalate. Educating our students on how to control stress by taking action in stressful circumstances is the best way to manage the stress one is experiencing at that moment. Assuring students that everyone experiences stress but how one responds to stressful circumstances will determine whether one is in control or not (positive mental health).